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Do you have students struggling with reading and spelling? To help make things easier, we are offering the suite of 6 Dyslexia Gold online programs for a free, no obligation 1 month trial to schools in New Zealand.

For use at school or home, the programs target reading, spelling, times tables, and dyslexia assessment. We are now also taking applications from private tutors who might like this very special offer! A month’s trial should show improvements in student attainment. Trials in the UK found:
  • Reading improves by 12 months in a term
  • Spelling improves by 10.5 months in a term
Currently based in the UK, New Zealand born Liz Sedley developed the six programs that comprise Dyslexia Gold. Very cost effective, each program can be ordered separately (such as the Dyslexia Screening test) or in a cost saving bundle. For schools with less than 250 pupils, a further discount is also available.

Dyslexia Gold is used in over 300 UK schools, is recommended by dyslexia advisors and therapists and is approved by the British Dyslexia Association and Dyslexia Action.

  • Suitable for all ages
  • Great value plus FREE 4 week trial for schools!
  • Clear reports generated plus no training needed
  • Improves reading fluency, comprehension and accuracy. On average reading age improves by a year in just one term
  • Available for home or school use
  • Based on the latest research, these structured programs improve phonological awareness and eye tracking.
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Please feel free to pass this information onto other schools that may benefit from this FREE TRIAL!

Dyslexia Screening Test

Dyslexia Screening Test
Great value - whole school annual licence.

For ages 6-15. Discover why children find reading or spelling difficult and how you can help them.

The Dyslexia Gold Online Screening Program tests for key indicators of dyslexia (students do not need to be able to read). It is quick and easy to use, taking 15-20 minutes, and can be played on any PC, laptop, or tablet with sound. Supports Windows, Mac and iOS.

Learn if a child struggles with:
  • Hearing individual sounds in words
  • Focusing both eyes on the same letter and tracking across the page
  • Thinking quickly
  • Remembering instructions
Upon completion, a comprehensive report outlining the child's weaknesses and how you can help will be generated.

Discount available for schools with under 200 pupils

Dyslexia Gold Bundle

Dyslexia Gold Bundle
School licensing options:
Early Intervention - ages 4-7 (2 programs)
Catch Up Intervention - ages 7-16 (4 programs)
Complete Bundle - ages 4-16 (6 programs)

Complete program list:
  • Reading Unlocked
  • Times Table Tutor
  • Dyslexia Screening Test
  • Engaging Eyes
  • Spelling Tutor
  • Fluency Builder
Home licenses also available.