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Past Editions

[mailpoet_edition issue=”17″ month=”may” year=”16″ title=”Term 2 2016″ offers=’Lucid special offers’ websites=’Bookbub and Duolingo’ edith=’in birthday jumper’ recipe=’Muesli bars’] [mailpoet_edition issue=”16″ month=”feb” year=”16″ title=”Term 1 2016″ offers=’Last stock of Nessy physical products’ websites=’WordTalk and mySchoolNotebook’ edith=’/Bobby at the groomers’ recipe=’Weetbix bites’]
[mailpoet_edition issue=”15″ month=”dec” year=”15″ title=”December 2015″ offers=’Nessy news’ websites=’Free online magazines and Grammarly’ edith=’in Christmas jumper’ recipe=’Strawberry Santas’] [mailpoet_edition issue=”14″ month=”aug” year=”15″ title=”August/September 2015″ offers=’Some Nessy products discontinued’ websites=’Online Safety and Cyberchase’ edith=’in spotted coat’ recipe=’Cheese scones’] [mailpoet_edition issue=”13″ month=”may” year=”15″ title=”May/June 2015″ offers=’New Product – Memory Flex Online’ websites=’Leo’s Pad and Enercities’ edith=’/Bobby in hi-vis vests’ recipe=’Macaroni Cheese’] [mailpoet_edition issue=”12″ month=”apr” year=”15″ title=”April 2015″ offers=’Downloadable Nessy products available’ websites=’National Army Museum and Writersky’ edith=’in quilted coat’ recipe=’Anzac biscuits’] [mailpoet_edition issue=”11″ month=”feb” year=”15″ title=”February 2015″ offers=’New Product – Spelling Tutor’ websites=’OERu and Starfall’ edith=’/Bobby at the Boathouse’ recipe=’Plum jam’]
[mailpoet_edition issue=”8″ month=”oct” year=”14″ title=”October 2014″ offers=’New Product – Engaging Eyes’ websites=’We Give Books and GCFLearnFree.org’ edith=’/Bobby in rufferee shirt’ recipe=’Cheat’s chocolate eclairs’] [mailpoet_edition issue=”5″ month=”aug” year=”14″ title=”August 2014″ offers=’New Product – Engaging Eyes’ websites=’Storybird and Maggies Earth Adventures’ edith=’in padded winter coat and winter jokes’ recipe=’Lemon cordial’] [mailpoet_edition issue=”4″ month=”jul” year=”14″ title=”July 2014 – 10th Birthday Edition” offers=’The launch of our brand new website, special offers on Lexion’ websites=’ABCya and Game Wing – keep kids occupied over the holidays’ edith=’in polka dot quilted coat plus birthday jokes’ recipe=’Self-saucing chocolate pudding’] [newsletter_edition format=”html” month=”apr” year=”14″ title=”April 2014″ offers=’Updates to newsletter and Lucid LADS Plus’ websites=’KidzPage and Starfall – websites to keep kids entertained over the holidays’ edith=’in Easter outfit plus Easter Bunny jokes’ recipe=’Fruit bouquet’] [newsletter_edition format=”html” month=”mar” year=”14″ title=”March 2014″ offers=’Great value new products Booster Phonics and Times Tables Testing (includes FREE stuff for schools!)’ websites=’Rockfig – free resources for 11-18 year olds, Spotify – listen to your favourite music for free.’ edith=’wearing her plaid reversible coat plus Edith’s riddles’ recipe=’3 ingredient microwave peanut butter cups.’] [newsletter_edition format=”html” month=”feb” year=”14″ title=”February 2014″ offers=’New products to be launched in Dyslexia Advocacy week’ websites=’Teach your monster to read – free games for the first stages of reading, free personality test based on C. Jung and I. Briggs Myers type theory’ edith=’wearing Diva t-shirt, Edith’s riddles’ recipe=’3 ingredient Nutella brownies’]
[newsletter_edition format=”html” month=”dec” year=”13″ title=”December 2013″ offers=’Products with free trials – try before you buy!’ websites=’Uswim – free online swimming lessons for beginning swimmers, Dropbox – free cloud based storage for important holiday document details, etc.’ edith=’dressed for Christmas, Edith’s Summer Christmas jokes’ recipe=’2 ingredient caramel ice-cream’] [newsletter_edition format=”html” month=”oct” year=”13″ title=”October 2013″ offers=’Lucid special deals!’ websites=’C25K – free fitness program for beginner runners, Funbrain – free online games for primary age students’ edith=’wearing girly pink ‘Light Party’ costume, Edith’s Halloween jokes’ recipe=’Lemon Posset’] [newsletter_edition format=”html” month=”sep” year=”13″ title=”September 2013″ offers=’20% discount on new Lucid memory product, 50% discount on Lucid combination deals , download KAZ typing programme from $30, 75% off Verity Spell’ websites=’Free ‘Spatulatta’ kid friendly cooking videos, Go Social Studies makes social studies fun with free resources!’ edith=’wearing striped sweaters plus Edith’s weather jokes’ recipe=’no-cook lemon and coconut slice’] [newsletter_edition format=”html” month=”jul” year=”13″ title=”July 2013″ offers=’75% off Verity Spell – only $38! New KAZ touch typing programme’ websites=’Free UK phonics testing kit, free Google Street View geography game’ edith=’in grey sweater with pink polka dot trim plus Edith’s winter jokes’ recipe=’4 ingredient cupcakes’] [newsletter_edition format=”html” month=”jun” year=”13″ title=”June 2013″ offers=’free Nessy PDF to develop visual sequencing’ websites=’The Open cultures website has free online university courses, free language courses, free movies and more! Dashlane is a free digital wallet backup, and password manager.’ edith=’in her ‘midwinter Christmas’ angel wings sweater plus Edith’s snow jokes’ recipe=’Jo Seagar’s coconut milk rice pudding recipe’] [newsletter_edition format=”html” month=”may” year=”13″ title=”May 2013″ offers=’License or One-Off product?’ websites=’Coursera, MindGym’ edith=’in rain coat’ recipe=’Chocolate fondue’] [newsletter_edition format=”html” month=”mar” year=”13″ title=”March 2013″ offers=’Hardware specials’ websites=’Curriki, FoodHub’ edith=’in easter dress’ recipe=’Chocolate fudge slice’] [newsletter_edition format=”html” month=”feb” year=”13″ title=”February 2013″ offers=’test’ websites=’test’ edith=’test’ recipe=’test’]
[newsletter_edition format=”html” month=”nov” year=”12″ title=”November 2012″ offers=’Christmas gift ideas – Nessy products on special’ websites=’MyFitnessPal free weight loss, Memrise free courses e.g. art, literature’ edith=’in Santa outfit + Christmas jokes’ recipe=’Christmas pudding truffles’] [newsletter_edition format=”html” month=”oct” year=”12″ title=”October 2012″ offers=’Online maths program, free samples for schools and parents’ websites=’StudyIt, one stop site for NCEA help’ edith=’in Snoopy sweater’ recipe=’No-cook Ice cream slice’] [newsletter_edition format=”html” month=”sep” year=”12″ title=”September 2012″ offers=’Free samples to try during the holidays’ websites=’SparkNotes.com, helpful English revision sites’ edith=’in Diva outfit + music jokes’ recipe=’ABC Muffins (Apple Banana + Chocolate)’] [newsletter_edition format=”html” month=”aug” year=”12″ title=”August 2012″ offers=’Online Dyslexia/Dyscalculia assessment’ websites=’Free music from Sam Bennett, keep in touch for free’ edith=’in Sports top’ recipe=’Muesli cookies’] [newsletter_edition format=”html” month=”jul” year=”12″ title=”July 2012″ offers=’123Maths Online Maths Program – 30 day sample for schools’ websites=’Celebrate Maori Language Week’ edith=’and Bobby in Mid-Winter Christmas Clothes’ recipe=’Vegetable pikelets’] [newsletter_edition format=”html” month=”jun” year=”12″ title=”June 2012″ offers=’Results of Real Special Survey’ websites=’ESOL English Language Skills’ edith=’celebrates the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee’ recipe=’Milo Muffins’] [newsletter_edition format=”html” month=”may” year=”12″ title=”May 2012″ offers=’VeritySpell Free 30 Day Trial’ websites=’Create free online books using your child’s artwork’ edith=’in new reflective jacket’ recipe=’Quick onion yoghurt bread’] [newsletter_edition format=”html” month=”apr” year=”12″ title=”April 2012″ offers=’Website updated’ websites=’Teux-Deux (To-Do) List, NZ On-Screen, Free NZ Software’ edith=’in gold and jade dress’ recipe=’Maple Pear Tarts’] [newsletter_edition format=”pdf” month=”mar” year=”12″ title=”March 2012″ offers=’New Earobics available’ websites=’Nodehill Maths, Oxford Owl’ edith=’in blue cotton dress’ recipe=’Tarte Tatin’] [newsletter_edition format=”pdf” month=”feb” year=”12″ title=”February 2012″ offers=’10% off our new bed and breakfast accommodations’ websites=’Health education, making a class newspaper’ edith=’in Valentine’s Day outfit and Sudoku puzzle’ recipe=’Ultimate chocolate brownies’]
[newsletter_edition format=”pdf” month=”dec” year=”11″ title=”December 2011″ offers=’Nessy Fingers’ websites=’Free games, How to feed your kids healthier’ edith=’in angel outfit and white and Sudoku puzzle’ recipe=’Cookies and cream truffles’] [newsletter_edition format=”pdf” month=”sep” year=”11″ title=”September 2011″ offers=’Nessy multi-user licences for schools’ websites=’Free election resources, free virtual keyboard.’ edith=’in Light party costume and Sudoku puzzle’ recipe=’Cheesy avocado quesadillas.’] [newsletter_edition format=”pdf” month=”aug” year=”11″ title=”August 2011″ offers=’Nessy and Lucid Products’ websites=’Free Rugby World Cup websites’ edith=’fundraises for Daffodil Day and Sudoku puzzle’ recipe=’Pizza Pinwheels’] [newsletter_edition format=”pdf” month=”jul” year=”11″ title=”July 2011″ offers=’Nessy GamesPlayer’ websites=’Martha Stewart crafts and Picasa Photo Editing’ edith=’in teddy bear outfit and Sudoku puzzle’ recipe=’Mini-baked cheesecakes’] [newsletter_edition format=”pdf” month=”jun” year=”11″ title=”June 2011″ offers=’Lucid Ability, half price with selected purchases’ websites=’free ebook all about uses for baking soda, free site for family board and card games’ edith=’Celebrates the Queen’s birthday and Sudoku puzzle’ recipe=’No cook, chocolate topped fridge slice’] [newsletter_edition format=”pdf” month=”may” year=”11″ title=”May 2011″ offers=’NZ Concise Sign language dictionary, plus links to free sign language resources’ websites=’Google Art – free virtual visits to some of the world’s great galleries, Paintnet – free photo editing software’ edith=’with Dolly and Sudoku puzzle’ recipe=’Boysenberry – Apple crumble’] [newsletter_edition format=”pdf” month=”apr” year=”11″ title=”April 2011″ offers=’Price reductions on Surer Steps behaviour modification software’ websites=’Spelling Bee – free online spelling tests and games, free ESL resources including certificates, worksheets, flashcards’ edith=’in Japanese kimono and Sudoku puzzle’ recipe=’5 ingredients Nutella cookies’] [newsletter_edition format=”pdf” month=”mar” year=”11″ title=”March 2011″ offers=’Jenny Mosley’s Small Books of the Golden Rules in Action (to complement the Golden Rules Series of animal stories)’ websites=’Google translate – free easy to use translation website, Storynory – free stories for children for use by schools and home’ edith=’in red and black sweater and Sudoku puzzle’ recipe=’No-bake peanut butter cookies’] [newsletter_edition format=”pdf” month=”feb” year=”11″ title=”February 2011″ offers=’Nessy Learning Programme – 10% off multi-user licenses’ websites=’ActiveSmart, Vocabulary worksheet factory’ edith=’in Valentine’s Day outfit and Sudoku puzzle’ recipe=’Chocolate roses’]
[newsletter_edition format=”pdf” month=”dec” year=”10″ title=”December 2010″ offers=’Christmas present ideas – some great products all under $70′ websites=’Websites: Activity village (5,000 free activity pages) + photo software’ edith=’and Bobby looking Christmassy! Sudoku puzzle’ recipe=’Lemony Christmas stars’] [newsletter_edition format=”pdf” month=”nov” year=”10″ title=”November 2010″ offers=’Existing customers Nessy Deluxe upgrade discount’ websites=’Free How To guides from Wikihow, free maths and science lesson videos from Khan academy’ edith=’in brown gingham coat with sun motif and Sudoku puzzle’ recipe=’No cook condensed milk slice’] [newsletter_edition format=”pdf” month=”oct” year=”10″ title=”October 2010″ offers=’New website design service. Inexpensive static websites for schools, churches, private businesses etc.’ websites=’Free printable invitations , Free books sent in installments to your email’ edith=’in “cowgirl” costume, Sudoku and jokes’ recipe=’Lemon coconut tart’] [newsletter_edition format=”pdf” month=”sep” year=”10″ title=”September 2010″ offers=’Half price Lucid ability’ websites=’Free earthquake teaching resources, free children’s recipes, free printable worksheets and puzzles’ edith=’in yellow gingham dress and Sudoku puzzle’ recipe=’Shortbread stars’] [newsletter_edition format=”pdf” month=”aug” year=”10″ title=”August 2010″ offers=’Nessy phonics Software- comes with a pack of phonic flashcards included!’ websites=’Free resources for primary teachers, free Google blog, free storywriting ideas’ edith=’in pink summer dress from USA and Sudoku puzzle’ recipe=’Chocolate Chunk Oat Biscuits.’] [newsletter_edition format=”pdf” month=”jul” year=”10″ title=”July 2010″ offers=’New product Lucid Exact assessment software at introductory price’ websites=’Free resources for learning Japanese, free E books, free downloadable information about dyslexia’ edith=’in brown gingham coat with sun motif and Sudoku puzzle’ recipe=’Wholemeal carrot cake’] [newsletter_edition format=”pdf” month=”jun” year=”10″ title=”June 2010″ offers=’Jenny Mosley set of Golden Rules books at reduced price.’ websites=’Free birdhouse and feeder patterns, Free online picture books, free job hunters guide.’ edith=’in purple bolero cardigan and Sudoku puzzle’ recipe=’Gooey-in-the-middle Molten Chocolate Puds’] [newsletter_edition format=”pdf” month=”may” year=”10″ title=”May 2010″ offers=’Nessy V4 and Nessy Tales (interactive CD or 5 small books) at new lower price. Surer Steps behaviour products specials. New products: Eurotalk language learning resources’ websites=’Free computer training Free read-aloud books Free Japanese lessons’ edith=’in blue warm sweater and Sudoku puzzle’ recipe=’Pineapple cake and icing’] [newsletter_edition format=”pdf” month=”apr” year=”10″ title=”April 2010″ offers=’Real Special holiday apartment discount, special offers on selected Surer Steps behaviour products software.’ websites=’Free resources for Special Needs teachers, Free Lonely Planet chapters, Asia NZ resources’ edith=’in cerise pink party dress and Sudoku puzzle’ recipe=’Chocolate Spice Easter biscuits’] [newsletter_edition format=”pdf” month=”mar” year=”10″ title=”March 2010″ offers=’Nessy learning Programme discount for those with the old programme.’ websites=’Free online memory development games, logic games website, free art roadshow for schools’ edith=’in Furoshiki plus Sudoku puzzle’ recipe=’Apricot muesli bars.’] [newsletter_edition format=”pdf” month=”feb” year=”10″ title=”February 2010″ offers=’New Nessy – old price! Launch of Nessy learning Programme Version 4.’ websites=’Online story about bullying, Interactive colouring pages, Child development guide’ edith=’in pink butterfly tee-shirt and Sudoku puzzle’ recipe=’Healthier Chocolate brownies’]

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