Dyslexia Gold Bundle


Complete program list:

  • Reading Unlocked
  • Times Table Tutor
  • Dyslexia Screening Test
  • Engaging Eyes
  • Spelling Tutor
  • Fluency Builder

School licensing options (details below):

Early Intervention – ages 4-7 (2 programs)
Catch Up Intervention – ages 7-16 (4 programs)
Complete Bundle – ages 4-16 (6 programs)

Designed by Kiwi Liz Sedley, Dyslexia Gold is used in over 300 UK schools and is recommended by dyslexia advisors, and dyslexia therapists. The Dyslexia Gold range is suitable for students with dyslexia, Special Educational Needs, English as a second language etc.

Formal trials and testing have shown that, on average, using Dyslexia Gold:

  • Reading improves by 12 months in a term
  • Spelling improves by 10.5 months in a term
  • Dyslexia Gold improves reading fluency, comprehension and accuracy
  • A license covers all pupils on roll.
  • Pupils can play at school or at home.
  • Each program takes 10 – 15 minutes per day.
  • Children play independently.
  • No staff training is required.

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