Nessy Dyslexia Quest Screening

Features 6 exciting games-based assessments to make dyslexia screening fun!

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  • 1 student (yearly) – $[convert number=10.00 from=”gbp” to=”nzd”] NZD
  • 5 student (yearly) – $[convert number=50.00 from=”gbp” to=”nzd”] NZD
  • 10 student (yearly) – $[convert number=75.00 from=”gbp” to=”nzd”] NZD
  • 20 student (yearly) – $[convert number=125.00 from=”gbp” to=”nzd”] NZD
  • 30 student (yearly) – $[convert number=175.00 from=”gbp” to=”nzd”] NZD

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